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Bacash Meditation Therapy Melbourne
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Self Awareness
- Self Management


What is Meditation Therapy?
Meditation Therapy is an energetic way of doing psychotherapy. It relies on our natural and involuntary impulse to seek healing and resolution of problematic issues. The method trains you to use this energy creatively and not destructively. Some therapies focus on developing the right intellectual or cognitive positions on problematic issues. Others focus on emotional healing and gaining a better sense of what we want so as to move forward on an issue. Meditation therapy says that position holding be it intellectual or emotional is ultimately destructive.  It holds that what is critical in resolving problematic issues is the flow of energy and the choice to stay open and adopt a position of faith in our unseen goodness and creative capacities. Subsequently these capacities are allowed to inform action and outcomes.

What are the benefits of Meditation?
Most people think the goal of meditation is to find peace or enlightenment. Bacash meditation therapy has as it specific aim the development of openness. From openness is derived the reduction of anxiety and depression and a higher level of functionality. Feeling or thinking better are secondary outcomes, not the means to that end. 

What type of Meditation do you offer?
Bacash Meditation Therapy is a feminine, regressive and existential technique. It is feminine in it adopts a non judgemental and surrendering attitude to all experiences of self in the therapeutic time. It is regressive in that it allows the child within to have it’s say regardless of how irrational it may appear. It is existential in that is encourages us to take a position of openness and not judgement about the relevance of our awareness for action.   

What are the benefits of Meditating in a group?
Communication and bonding in a meditation group is non verbal and sublime.

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